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Painting By Hubert John Greenhow

This painting by Hubert John Greenhow (grandfather of my wife, Leslea) has been my personal favorite for three decades. His depiction of the Martha’s Vineyard lighthouse that overlooks the multi-colored cliffs at Aquinnah has always felt dreamlike to me – even otherworldly. So, when I joined FOCUS staff 25 years ago and met my co-workers at the nearby Study Center, I just had to see this beautifully rendered location for myself. Leslea and our three young children joined me for that early-morning walk along Aquinnah Beach, as the iconic lighthouse beckoned us forward – a fixed and unchanging point of reference to guide our way.

Over the years, I’ve returned to this spot many times. As you can see, I’m not alone! It remains a popular hike and photo op for students — an apt metaphor for the fixed and unchanging truth of the gospel and the beckoning grace of Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. Our staff and volunteers share this gospel light throughout the year, in places as varied as campus classrooms, local coffee shops, snowy mountaintops, and the island destination that remains at the heart of our summer ministry.

Dan Walker

Executive Director


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