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The Walker Family

“Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations."

Psalm 90:1

This particular scripture has been especially dear to me recently. Over the past month, I had the joy and privilege to be with our whole family after two years that seemed like an eternity. A lot can change in that period of time. We welcomed a new baby into our family and watched our grandchildren grow from infants to toddlers, toddlers to preschoolers, and kindergarteners to elementary school students. 

One moment that stands out to me is our recent hike up Mount Everett (not Everest!) with our little troop – baby in a carrier, with other children on their parents' shoulders. It was an overcast day, but this did not deter us! When we reached the summit of the mountain, however, we began to hear thunder in the distance. As we made the trek down the mountain, we sensed God’s faithful hand on us. We could hear our little grandchildren singing a song that our own children had sung when they were young: “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.”

For 25 years, I have watched God faithfully do His work through generations of FOCUS students who have grown to adults, started families, and seen their children come to know His transforming love. In July, two staff members I knew back in the mid-’90s had their children attending our Summer Programs. The legacy of God's faithfulness throughout the generations is dynamic and real.

While we live in a world that often looks to politics and policies to bring about meaningful change, I am grateful that true, everlasting change – transformation from the inside out – resides in God's power alone. What a privilege that FOCUS has been used by God to be part of that life-changing process for six decades. 

Dan Walker
Executive Director


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