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Supporting Students throughout Our Areas

FOCUS is one organization with ten local Area Ministries that are supported by our National Ministry (headquartered in New Canaan, Connecticut). The National Ministry hosts a variety of student programs and events, including three full months of Summer Programs at our Martha’s Vineyard Study Center, which draw 600 students from across our regions. The National Ministry also provides centralized administration, consultation, and leadership support for all our Area Ministries in their year-round work with students.

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FOCUS National Ministry Staff

Daniel Walker

President & Executive Director

Woody Bowman (The Rev. Charles W. Bowman)

FOCUS Historian & Archivist

Kelly Collier

National Event Coordinator

Rebecca Farquhar

Director of Human Resources & Corporate Insurance

Jessica Foster

Director of National Programs, Part-time, & Area Administrative Coordinator

Toddy Jordan

College Ministry Coordinator

Jeff Kohlberger

Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Linda and Stoddard Lane-Reticker

Co-Facilities Managers

Abbie Duffy

Digital Media Manager

Amy Moreau

Director of Field Ministry

Denisse Perez

Bookkeeping Administrator

Caitlin Schwanda

Accounts Receivable & Special Projects Manager

Peter Schwanda

Director of Training, Part-time

Brad Smith

Director of Communications & Development


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