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Our staff and board are made up of individuals who are dedicated to the mission of FOCUS and the students we serve.

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FOCUS Baltimore

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Tim Foster

Baltimore Area Director

NaTasha Brown

Baltimore Field Staff

FOCUS Boston

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Jen Gates Odamah

New England Area Director

Brian Min

Boston Field Staff

Amanda (Perkins) Ward

Boston Field Staff

FOCUS Fairfield / Westchester

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Hannah Miracola

Fairfield/Westchester Area Director

Virginia (Burton) Rowe

Fairfield/Westchester Field Staff

FOCUS Greater Washington Area

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Meghan Gottwald

Greater Washington Area Director

Mark Gottwald

Greater Washington Area Field Staff

Sam Pope

Greater Washington Area Field Staff

FOCUS New England Boarding Schools

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Jen Gates Odamah

New England Area Director

Adam Kearney

New England Boarding Schools Field Staff

FOCUS New Jersey

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John Alexander

New Jersey Area Director

FOCUS New York City

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Harrison Buck Brown

NYC Area Director

Devon Welsh

NYC Field Staff

FOCUS Philadelphia

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Brendon Grech

Philadelphia Area Director

Maverick Jacobs

Philadelphia Field Staff

FOCUS Raleigh

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Ryan Collier

Raleigh Area Director

I joined FOCUS staff in 2012, and I am a leader at Cardinal Gibbons, Cary Academy, Ravenscroft and St. David’s. I am passionate about students being known and exploring the truths of the Christian faith. You can contact me at (910) 229-9014. You can email me at [email protected].

Maddy Myers

Raleigh Field Staff

I joined FOCUS in 2022, and I am a leader at St. David’s and Ravenscroft. I am passionate about walking with students in life’s joys and challenges — providing a comfortable space for them to process how they relate to the Christian faith. You can contact me at (415) 994-3263. You can email me at [email protected].

Kelly Vine

Raleigh Field Staff

I joined FOCUS staff in 2019, and I am a leader at Saint Mary’s, St. David’s, and Cardinal Gibbons. I love helping students ask and seek the answers to their biggest questions through a Christian worldview, and realizing that they are seen and loved by the Creator of the universe. You can contact me at (207) 321-1241. You can email me at [email protected].

FOCUS Richmond & Central Virginia

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Jon-Marc Haden

Richmond & Central Virginia Area Director

Feel free to reach out to Jon-Marc at (804) 306-3124. You can email him at [email protected].

Carson Coulbourn

Richmond Field Staff

Toddy Jordan

Richmond Field Staff

Feel free to text Toddy at (804) 339-7475. You can email her at [email protected].

Wolt Knudsen

Richmond Field Staff

Feel free to text Wolt at (919) 710-6741. You can email him at [email protected].

Owen Nott

Richmond Field Staff

Virginia Syer

Richmond Field Staff

FOCUS National Ministry

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Daniel Walker

President & Executive Director

Woody Bowman (The Rev. Charles W. Bowman)

FOCUS Historian & Archivist

Kelly Collier

National Event Coordinator

Rebecca Farquhar

Director of Human Resources & Corporate Insurance

Jessica Foster

Director of National Programs, Part-time, & Area Administrative Coordinator

Toddy Jordan

College Ministry Coordinator

Jeff Kohlberger

Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Linda and Stoddard Lane-Reticker

Co-Facilities Managers

Abbie Duffy

Digital Media Manager

Amy Moreau

Director of Field Ministry

Denisse Perez

Bookkeeping Administrator

Caitlin Schwanda

Accounts Receivable & Special Projects Manager

Peter Schwanda

Director of Training, Part-time

Brad Smith

Director of Communications & Development

Board of Trustees

Daniel Castelline – FOCUS Volunteer
Shaun Chambers – Current FOCUS Parent
Peter Clark – Former FOCUS Parent
Peter Conway – Former FOCUS Program Volunteer Leader
Anne Cook Conze – Former FOCUS Parent
Ted Deinard – Current FOCUS Parent
Clare Draper – Former FOCUS Parent
Keith Holmes – Former FOCUS Parent
Ross Kimball – Former FOCUS Parent, Former FOCUS Staff Member
Robb Lawrence – Current FOCUS Parent
Billy McClatchey – Current FOCUS Parent
Treadway Mink – Former FOCUS Parent
Corell Moore – Former FOCUS Parent
Norman Nigh – FOCUS Alum, Former Summer Program Staff
Tracy Somani – Former FOCUS Parent
Garland Tucker – Former FOCUS Parent
Bob Walters – Former FOCUS Volunteer
Spencer Williamson – Former FOCUS Parent

Staff & Board

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FOCUS offers a range of employment opportunities: part-time and full-time, seasonal and year-round, in our local Area Ministries and in our National Ministry.

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