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FOCUS Alumni Steering Committee (FASC)

Since 2014, the FOCUS Alumni Steering Committee (FASC) has continued to pursue our goals of building Christ-centered FOCUS communities in our cities, caring for recent FOCUS graduates, and strengthening the relationship between FOCUS and five decades of alumni. The primary outreach of FASC has been our Alumni Week events in the fall and spring of each year. These gatherings invite local alumni, area staff, and volunteers to enjoy existing friendships and to build new ones.

“Growing relationships for life” is at the core of the FOCUS ministry, and FASC will continue to advance the goal of connecting FOCUS alumni and friends to one another, to the FOCUS ministry, to the local church, and (most importantly) to Jesus Christ. 

Moving to a new city?  Get plugged into your local FOCUS community!

Our Area Ambassadors are passionate about connecting you to a local church body and to other alumni in your area, so please click on an Area Ambassador near you. We would love to meet you.

Baltimore: David Drewry

Boston: Reg Jones

Charlottesville: Chloe Wells, Graham Wells

Dallas: Lauren Kasper

Philadelphia: Elise (Johanson) Doll, Kendra (Johanson) Nicolai

New York City: Peter Griffin

Raleigh: Gretchen Hyde

Richmond: Tim Hayes

Washington, D.C.: Daphne Anthos, Blakeley Sisk