Optional Image area

You may place a single image in either location (left/right), or place images in both locations. Neither, however, are necessary.

Click "Add Element" above to add an image. For more detailed instructions, click here.

Right images should be 580px (wide) x 190px (tall)

Gmail Headers

Basic Header 1

Basic Header 2

How to add a header image in Gmail:

Enable Image Insertion in Gmail (Necessary only once)

  1. Follow the Settings link in Gmail (top, right-hand corner of page).
  2. Go to the Labs tab.
  3. Make sure Enable is selected for Inserting images (about 2/3 down the page).
  4. Click Save Changes.

Copy Image Address

  • Right-click the desired header image above.
    • Mac: Select Copy Image Address/Location
    • Windows: Select Properties. Then, copy (ctrl-c) the URL Address from the properties window.

Insert Header in Gmail

  1. Make sure rich text editing is turned on in the Gmail message you are composing and Insert images is enabled (see "Enable Image Insertion in Gmail" above).
  2. Position the text cursor where you want the image to appear (beginning of email for header).
  3. Click the Insert Image button in the message's formatting toolbar (icon of a photograph).
  4. Make sure Web address (URL) is selected.
  5. Paste the image URL from previous step.
  6. Click Add Image.