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Grades: 10-12
Cost: $1,725
Dates: CANCELLED (July 8-21)

What is Internship?

Internship is a two week program designed to ground students in the Christian faith, to train them in Christian leadership, and to help them love and follow Christ with maturity and honesty. This program for returning students combines these aspects of growing in the Christian faith with fun activities around Martha's Vineyard, classic FOCUS games, and community building experiences.

Do you qualify for Internship?

If you are interested in applying for Internship, you should desire to be stretched, challenged, and strengthened in your faith. Internship applicants must be in tenth grade or higher. A week-long national FOCUS program is generally a prerequisite for Internship.

A few notes:

We look forward to reading your responses. You may receive a phone call for further clarification of your application. Please know that we desire to make room for all applicants who are serious about seeking Christ; however, space is limited. Due to the increased number of applications received in recent years, we may not be able to accept everyone. Acceptances to Internship take into account the program's balance of ages, gender, school and regional representation, in addition to an applicant's Christian experience and life situation. You may be placed, for a time, upon a waiting list due to regional, gender,or other limits on spaces in the program. Priority will be given to upperclassmen. If a space opens up, you will be notified as soon as possible. You will receive a phone call by a member of FOCUS staff if we are unable to accept you into the program. We sincerely hope that anyone who is not accepted into the internship will instead participate in, and be well served by, another FOCUS program this summer.