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National Program Volunteering

Each of our programs, regardless of location, depend on volunteers who will join FOCUS staff to give shape and content to the work with students. Members of each program’s volunteer leadership team have a variety of roles, up front or behind the scenes, but all will work directly with students, especially as part of small groups for discussion and activities. Please note that all volunteers must have graduated high school and turn 18 years of age within the same year they are leading. For most programs, volunteers must have completed at least their freshman year of college.

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For more information about applying, please contact [email protected] or the Program Director for a specific program. Program Directors are listed below by program along with their contact information.

In accordance with FOCUS’ volunteer policies, volunteers are invited to participate in up to two consecutive summer programs per season and are limited to staying at the Study Center for no more than three consecutive weeks. If you desire to lead on more programs or would like to serve on the property for a longer period of time, please contact [email protected] to discuss the possibility.

While volunteer leaders are not asked to pay a program fee, they are responsible for covering the cost of their travel to and from National Programs. We do not want the financial burden of travel to be a hindrance to volunteer leaders coming to FOCUS programs. We have a limited amount of travel scholarship money available for each program. Please fill out this form so that as we are able, we can make scholarship money available. In most cases, we do not offer 100% scholarships.


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For more information about applying, please contact [email protected] or the Program Director for a specific program.

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