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Overview & Information

The mission of FOCUS is to present Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, to independent school students to the end that they might come to know Him and glorify God through their Christian witness and through lives of Christian service in the Church and in the world.

FOCUS programs are a key component to our mission. The time for students to get away from their routine and spend several days considering the Christian faith and applying it can make a lasting difference in their lives. Therefore, we strive for excellent and effective planning, administration, and leadership of our programs. Every student should not only have fun, experience well-run activities, and build peer relationships, but also be taught effectively from the Bible and be cared for and served by members of the leadership team.

While leading at a FOCUS program is about selfless service, we desire to pour into you and encourage you in your own faith as you serve students. The role of volunteer leaders is crucial to our ministry, and we hope to equip you to lead in a healthy way. We hope that your participation with us will be an encouragement to your faith and spur you on towards “love and good deeds” at the program and beyond. And we hope that you will have a blast as you serve, building lasting friendships with fellow leaders and with students.

First-Time Leaders

If you are a graduating senior interested in the First-Time Leader program, please click below for more information and to apply.

We encourage you to apply if you:

• Understand and believe the Christian message and want others to hear, understand, and believe it.
• Are seeking to know God in your personal life and participate in church.
• Enjoy spending time with middle and high school students.
• Like to be active/sporty, can have wholesome fun, and/or have other gifts to offer.
• Are willing to sacrifice sleep and comfort to serve students.


In light of that, this is what FOCUS commits to you if you are invited to join the leadership team. We will…

1. Encourage you to love and trust God more as you serve him not only at a FOCUS program, but also in your school and church.
2. Pray with and for you.
3. Provide community and fellowship for you among the leadership team, including supportive relationships with FOCUS staff.
4. Teach you faithfully from the Bible.
5. Equip you to explain the Gospel clearly.
6. Equip you to lead Bible Studies and/or for other teaching responsibilities that you may be given.
7. Train and support you to effectively serve in practical ways on the program.
8. Challenge you to grow in godliness and personal maturity.
9. Encourage you to give your future to whole-hearted service for God’s Kingdom whether in or around FOCUS’ mission to independent schools or elsewhere.


As a volunteer leader, we ask you to commit to:

• Pursuing an active personal faith in Christ before, during, and after the program individually and in fellowship with others.
• Displaying attitudes and developing habits in keeping with someone serving in ministry (see Ephesians 5:1-4, Titus 1:7-9).
• Knowing that you serve as a role-model for students, seeking to make choices and pursue an ongoing lifestyle that is godly and “above reproach.” This includes your online persona and social media profiles.
• Fostering unity by enthusiastically participating in all aspects of the program, displaying a humble, teachable, and supportive attitude, and encouraging others as we serve together.
• Affirming the FOCUS Statement of Faith, Leader Expectations, and Modesty Statement.


More Information

Volunteers are expected to serve in many ways depending on their age, experience, and gifts. Previous experience is not required. Younger and new leaders are often asked to participate in additional training and instruction in order to be equipped to lead well.

Most leaders participate in small group Bible studies and cabin meetings. Depending on experience in ministry, volunteers may be responsible for leading these groups and/or be given other teaching responsibilities. All leaders are given some practical ways to serve (such as setting out and cleaning up snacks) during the program, and all are encouraged to build friendships with students. FOCUS programs have a strong sense of community between leaders and students. Leaders participate in group games and most of the activities of the program alongside students.

Representing FOCUS

If you become a FOCUS volunteer leader, you will represent FOCUS to students and their parents not only during the program itself but also in the months following through your ongoing relationships with students after the program. 

To that end, we have an application process that includes submitting an online application as well as speaking directly to the Program Director of the program that you are interested in leading. He or she may check your references as needed. 

Application does not automatically mean that you will be accepted as a leader. Invitation to join the leadership team is at the discretion of the Program Director and/or Director of National Programs. Please do not make travel plans until you have been accepted as a volunteer leader.