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Fall Weekends

Meet old friends and make new ones! Students in grades 9-12 from all FOCUS areas are invited to attend one of the FOCUS Fall Weekends. The weekends will be a mixture of fun games, thoughtful talks, great music, and down-time spent with FOCUS friends.

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“My favorite parts of Fall Weekend were the interview that Rev. Drew had with his daughter, and the Family Dinner that FOCUS New England shared together. It was also meaningful to have FOCUS staff answer uncomfortable questions. One thing that really resonated with me is the fact that humans matter solely because God says so.”

“My favorite part of Fall Weekend was the personal testimonies shared by our FOCUS leaders. They reminded me how close I can be to God and helped me reconnect with Him.”

“The most powerful takeaway from Charlie Drew’s talks were that – even though we tend to model ourselves around how others perceive us – we are valuable because God makes us valuable. With God we are safe, and we are known.”

“Seeing everyone was the best part of the weekend. It felt good to be a part of something bigger, even within a Zoom call. I also appreciated the volunteer testimony – hearing him talk about his faith and the twists along the way made me feel more connected.”


Fall Weekends Gallery

Check out some photos from previous Fall Weekends.

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