COVID-19 Protocols 



As always, student safety is our first priority. FOCUS strictly adheres to the applicable guidelines established by state and local authorities. Our protocols are outlined below.


Testing and Vaccination

It is required that all students, leaders, and volunteers be COVID-19 tested no more than 72 hours prior to arrival for summer programs unless they have received their second dose of vaccine more than 2 weeks prior to arrival. Tests should be timed so that results are received prior to leaving home for the FOCUS program. Documentation will need to be provided to show proof of vaccination or negative test results.

Health Screening

A self-screening questionnaire will need to be submitted online before leaving home (no more than 24 hours prior to arrival).


Upon arrival at the Study Center everyone will be screened, which will include a temperature check.


Everyone should bring with them a sufficient supply of masks to be worn throughout the program. Masks will need to be worn inside at all times in communal spaces and outside when distance can not be kept. Everyone will wear a mask when entering and exiting meetings and meals. Masks do not need to be worn when individuals are in their cabins with only their cohort members, when eating and drinking, or while engaging in water activities.

Disposable masks and double or triple ply fabric masks are allowed. Neck gaiters and vented masks are not allowed.


Students and leaders will be divided into cohort groups based on cabin assignments. When gathered together as a cohort group, masks will not be required.


Meals will be taken outdoors on the Dining Hall porch. Cohorts will dine together at a table that is sufficiently distanced from other tables.


Commonly touched surfaces like bathrooms, light switchplates, and door handles will be disinfected regularly.

Hand Hygiene

Touchless hand sanitizers will be available throughout the property. Bottles of hand sanitizer will be at each dining table and in each vehicle.


All large group meetings will be held outside either in the outdoor chapel or under a large tent.

Travel By Car

When traveling with others not in the same cohort by car everyone should be masked. Hand sanitizer will be available in each vehicle and should be used after being in public spaces such as stores.


If someone presents with flu-like symptoms, they will move to our infirmary housing and be separated from others. Parents will be immediately contacted and a plan for the student to be picked up will be made.

Off-Site Programs

Our off-site programs will abide by these guidelines. Since these programs are smaller in nature, the entire group will be considered a cohort for the duration of the program. For programs operating in partnership with other organizations, we will be following their COVID protocols. Please see the links below for specific off-site programs.

Island Cruise - See FUEL’s website:

Rocky Mountain Expedition - See Noah’s Ark website: