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Vineyard Service (A & B)

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Vineyard Service (A & B)

Grades 10-12
Vineyard Service A: June 16-24, 2024
Vineyard Service B: August 17-24, 2024

What is Vineyard Service?

At Vineyard Service, we serve the next generation of FOCUS middle school students and seek to know Jesus more deeply by living out our faith in service to him and others. Vineyard Service is designed as a follow up program to Internship, though it is open to anyone 10th grade and up who is interested in going deeper in their faith.

Vineyard Service will serve behind the scenes on the FOCUS property on Martha’s Vineyard during the program Middle School Adventure. Our main responsibilities are washing the dishes at all the meals, and running the “Olympics” for middle school students. The talks and Bible studies during the program will be centered on service and following Jesus with our whole lives. Because it is a small group of students, Vineyard Service also allows you to explore the unique parts of Martha’s Vineyard that students typically don’t get to experience. If you are willing to wash a lot of dishes, and interested in going deeper in your faith, this is the program for you!

Note: Vineyard Service will be washing dishes, but not cooking food in the kitchen. We will serve behind the scenes for Middle School Adventure and not be leaders for that program.

Do you qualify for Vineyard Service?

Applicants must have completed tenth grade, and maybe up to a year out of high school (up to age 19). Students will often have participated in Internship, though not always. If you are interested in applying for Vineyard Service, you should hope to be stretched, challenged, and strengthened in your faith.

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