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National Staff

Daniel Carter Walker

Executive Director

[email protected]

Woody Bowman
(The Rev. Charles W. Bowman)

FOCUS Historian & Archivist (Part-Time)

[email protected]

Maria Caro-Rainford

Director of Human Resources & Corporate Insurance (Part-Time)

[email protected]

Brenda Cruz

Study Center Head Cook (Part-Time)

[email protected]

Jessica Foster

Director of National Programs (Part-Time)

[email protected]

George and Pam Klein

Staff Chaplains (Part-Time)

[email protected]
[email protected]

Jeff Kohlberger

Chief Operating Officer
& Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]

Linda and Stoddard Lane-Reticker

Facilities Manager
Assistant Facilities Manager (Part-Time)

[email protected]
[email protected]

Denisse Perez

Bookkeeping Administrator

[email protected]

Caitlin Schwanda

Accounts Receivable
& Special Projects Manager

[email protected]

Peter Schwanda

Director of Training (Part-Time)

[email protected]

Brad Smith

Director of Communications, Development,
& Alumni Relations

[email protected]