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Welcome, Parents!  Whether you are new to FOCUS, or are a veteran FOCUS parent, we hope that this website will equip you with all the information you need.  FOCUS is a non-profit organization that works with students along the East Coast and in San Francisco.  Through school meetings, off-campus meetings, area events, and Summer and winter programs, we hope to provide students with a community of peers and mentors so that they can ask the most important questions about life and faith.  For more information about what FOCUS is, please feel free to read a statement from our Executive Director, Dan Walker.

Summer and Winter Programs

FOCUS' summer and winter programs are typically one week long, and often prove to be a students' highlight of his or her season.  FOCUS owns over 40 acres on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard, and has been providing summer camps for 35 years.  A typical program day begins at 8:30 AM with breakfast, and is action packed throughout the day, including classic camp games, sailing, hiking, trips to town or the beach, bike trips, or just relaxing with new friends on the property, and periodic times for discussion and reflection about life and faith. Over the winter, skiing and non-skiing options are available in various locations, and have a similar structure to our summer weeks.  For more information, please see our programs page.

FOCUS in Your Area

FOCUS has "Areas," or regional offices, in nine locations along the East Coast.  We serve independent schools and their students, and host both on-campus and off-campus meetings and events.  A typical, weekly FOCUS event for middle or high school students is one to two hours long, and includes games, food, lots of fun, and a short discussion about the Christian faith.  Many areas also provide monthly weekend hang out nights, community service opportunities, and the like to encourage community and leadership development.  For more specific information, or to find FOCUS in your area, please see the Find FOCUS Near You page and contact the appropriate area director.