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Conversations with Jesus

Dear FOCUS Raleigh Leaders,

We are extremely excited to see how God uses this teaching and your presence in the lives of students this year. Thank you for saying yes to this call and responsibility. We believe that leading for FOCUS will challenge, encourage, and equip you on your life-long journey with Christ. As you review these Bible studies, please allow yourself to sit with the passage and consider how God might be speaking to you before you speak with others. We are praying for you and are hopeful that this is enriching and that God will provide fruitful ministry for FOCUS and for you individually.

This semester’s teaching program (adjusted from a FOCUS SF teaching program) focuses on conversations with Jesus. In order for students to better understand what it means to encounter Jesus through the Holy Spirit, we want to look at other encounters that people have had with Jesus (the incarnation of God). Our hope is that the conversations that others have had will provide students a framework to have their own conversations with Jesus throughout the semester and their life.

Important note: We do not want students to come away from a FOCUS study having only learned interesting information about Jesus; we always want them to receive an invitation to encounter Jesus, to converse with him, in a way that reflects these stories from the gospels and creates opportunity for transformational spiritual change.

For your convenience, the questions of each week’s study generally follow this structure:

1. What is the context for this conversation?
2. Why are these people doing what they’re doing?
3. What does Jesus say to them?
4. What does this tell us about Jesus?
5. What does this mean for us?

Please be in touch with any questions you may have.

Thank you and peace be with you!
Caroline, Kelly, and Ryan

Find the Conversations with Jesus teaching program here. 


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It is with disappointment that we announce the cancellation of our National Summer Programs for 2020. Based on our assessment of public health developments, CDC guidelines, and safety protocols, we will not be able to offer our traditional programs. 

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