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Dear FOCUS Raleigh Leaders,

We are extremely excited to see how God uses this teaching and your presence in the lives of students this year. Thank you for saying yes to this call and responsibility. We believe that leading for FOCUS will challenge, encourage, and equip you on your life-long journey with Christ. As you review these Bible studies, please allow yourself to sit with the passage and consider how God might be speaking to you before you speak with others. We are praying for you and are hopeful that this is enriching and that God will provide fruitful ministry for FOCUS and for you individually.

This semester’s teaching program focuses on the ordinary people that God chose to do extraordinary things, how that reinforces what God values, and how that is definitely different than the world we live in. For example, think about 5th grade kickball. You're the team captain and you get to choose who is on your team. Do you exclusively pick your friends, because you value a fun time, or do you pick the people who will ensure a win? Who we choose to do things says a lot about who we are and what we value. God chose some pretty unpredictable people to carry out some of the most amazing things while walking with Him, and He chooses us too. Regardless of what the world says, we are chosen by God and called to walk with Him.

We want students to see that God has chosen them because of the wonderful and unique ways that He has gifted us. In our weakness or inability, God still calls us. He doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Furthermore, where He has us now, whether in the classroom, on the field, or in our homes, is where He is going to do incredible things in, with, and through us. 

Please be in touch with any questions you may have.

Thank you and peace be with you!
Caroline, Kelly, and Ryan

Find the Chosen teaching program and any handout you might need here. 


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A huge part of being a FOCUS leader is taking time to hang out with students in their world. This is called Contact Work. Contact work can look like many different things from going to a student's game, grabbing a meal with them, serving the community, or even going to play golf together. Below is a list of 25 different contact work ideas, and we hope these inspire you!