What is FOCUS?

Welcome to the Student section of the FOCUS website!  FOCUS is the Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools.  We have meetings and events that serve independent school students in nine major cities on the east coast and in San Francisco.  We also have summer programs on the island of Martha's Vineyard, service trips to South America and Africa, a college student ski trip, and weekend retreats.  Please check out the links below to find out more about FOCUS in your area. 

Where is FOCUS?

FOCUS: Boston
FOCUS: New England Boarding Schools
FOCUS: Fairfield and Westchester
FOCUS: New York City
FOCUS: Philadelphia
FOCUS: Baltimore
FOCUS: Greater Washington
FOCUS: Richmond
FOCUS: Raleigh 
FOCUS: San Francisco

FOCUS National Programs

FOCUS has both winter and summer camps!  We have 23 acres on Martha's Vineyard where we host programs all summer long, and we also provide weekend trips, spring break opportunities, service trips, and skiing and non skiing options for college students in the winter.  To check out our programs, please see our programs pages.

FOCUS on Facebook

FOCUS has one primary Facebook page, and many areas also have their own.  Please follow this link to check us out there!