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Vineyard Service

Grades: 11-12
Cost: $785
Dates: June 14-22

What is Vineyard Service?

At Vineyard Service we serve the FOCUS community that has supported us, as we are challenged by living in community seeking to know Jesus more deeply. We will serve God and our community daily by doing dishes at the Study Center and other projects around Martha’s Vineyard. Vineyard Service is not for the faint of heart, but for the bold—those ready to roll up their sleeves and get into Jesus-loving community as well as dirty dish water.

We will be living in a rented house close to the Study Center or on the Study Center property. In addition to our service projects, we will learn about Christian community by studying the early Church through the book of Acts and 1 Peter. Each student will have a mentor for our time together and work with their mentor to prepare a short devotion on a Bible verse to encourage our team.

This is a time for us to grow in our love of Christ with maturity and honesty with like-minded friends and leaders. This program is a challenge-- the service work and community life are both exhausting, but with great personal reward. I hope you will consider joining us!

Please note: This program is NOT “Internship: Part Two” nor is it a time to lead a middle school program.

Do you qualify for Vineyard Service?

Applicants must have completed eleventh grade, and may be up to a year out of high school (up to age 19). Students will normally have participated in Internship, though exceptions have been made. If you are interested in applying for Vineyard Service, you should hope to be stretched, challenged, and strengthened in your faith.