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Why Give to FOCUS

Your generous support enables FOCUS to serve 3,000 students from nearly 200 independent schools, through our ten Area Ministries and more than a dozen National Programs.

Here's why FOCUS alumni continue to give to this important work:

Marshall Findlay

I support FOCUS because its staff cares deeply not only that students would learn about Jesus, but also that they would grow and walk with Him for their entire lives. My first experience of FOCUS was a weeklong FOCUS summer retreat in the 7th grade, and after that I continued to participate in weekly get-togethers and quarterly retreats that were pivotal in terms of maturing me in my faith. I am immensely grateful for the men and women, both FOCUS staff and volunteers, who invested in me from middle school to high school to college, and even continue to today. At such critical stages as the transitions to high school and college, the team at FOCUS was always there, encouraging me to continue to pursue Jesus in spite of all of the distractions that surrounded me during those times. I love how the FOCUS staff are founded on faith and biblical values, and are committed to holding out the word of life to middle school, high school, and college students.

John & Sarah (Dow) Reimers

Sarah was on the very first Grosse Pointe FOCUS bus that rolled into Silver Bay in 1985, and that week had a profound and lasting impact on her faith. A little more than ten years later, John, an independent school teacher, started volunteering for FOCUS after meeting Sarah. FOCUS has given us not only a shared ministry, but a shared life.

We have experienced God’s love in Christian community through FOCUS, both as volunteers and staff, and have also been so encouraged in John’s career as a teacher by experiencing a ministry dedicated to independent schools. We especially love that all four of our children’s godmothers are FOCUS friends!

And so we give in gratitude for the "immeasurably more" God has given us through FOCUS. We give also in the hopes that future generations — including our children—will know the Lord better through the gospel community found in and through FOCUS.

Graham & Chloe (Downe) Wells

We give to FOCUS because we are grateful for all that current and former FOCUS staff members have done and continue to do for us, as well as countless others. We have been involved in FOCUS for close to twenty years, beginning in high school and continuing by volunteering during and after college. FOCUS does an exceptional job of working with students to present and nurture Christian faith, while meeting students where they are in their lives. FOCUS not only provides an extremely important outlet by fostering spiritual development, but also friendship, fun, grace, and adventure. From weekly meetings and weekend events, to ski trips or a change of scenery during the summer on Martha's Vineyard, the entire FOCUS experience is dedicated to enriching the lives of students. We will continue to support FOCUS in all the ways we can, in order to help it fulfill its mission. 

Reg Jones

Whether as a student or volunteer, FOCUS has taught me the true value of Christian fellowship. I have developed many deep friendships through FOCUS —friendships that have lasted even though I am all the way in Chicago. (If you are reading this and in Chicago, please let me know!) For more than a decade now, FOCUS has continuously impacted my life, and it has been a great pleasure of mine to give back. I give to FOCUS because it is an organization with a mission I believe in and continue to benefit from today. I want others to have the same experiences that I have had, and I want to support those who have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel.

Daphne Anthos

From the moment I walked into my first Middle School FOCUS Friday in New York City’s St. Thomas Choir School (as a terribly awkward 6th grader), I felt acceptance, love, friendship, and God’s grace pour out from the leaders and students. Throughout middle and high school, FOCUS continued to have a major impact on my faith and challenged me to own that faith. FOCUS provided me with many mentors and friends around the country who, even to this day, continue to ask the tough questions when I need to hear them – but with whom I’ve also shared many laughs over the years. I give monthly, because I support the mission of FOCUS and their staff. I want every student to know who God is and that they are loved and accepted by Him.

Fellowship of Christians in Universities and School, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

Contributions to area ministries will be used first to fund the operating costs of the local area ministry, including costs associated with providing programs and administrative services at the national level, and excess funds may be reallocated to support other area ministries, or particular initiatives and continuing efforts of the ministry as a whole, at the discretion of the Area Sponsoring Committee and Area Director.