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Vineyard Staff

Vineyard Staff Program

FOCUS’ Vineyard Staff program is a discipleship program that combines the real-life elements of work at FOCUS, biblical studies and nurture, and the support of a Christian community. The program is designed for people who are deeply committed to Christ and desire to join our staff in providing an environment where volunteers and students can experience Christ.

We are committed to making this summer both challenging and rewarding. We will ask much and give much to each other as we serve Christ as a community of believers. You will be involved in Bible study, worship, small and large group sharing, and lots of work, all while living in community with other Vineyard staff.


What is the program?

Check out the video below: 


Interested in applying?

All Vineyard Staff positions have been filled for summer 2020.

Please review the Program Description (below) before beginning the application.

Applications will be accepted at the following deadlines:

  • Round 1: November 15
  • Round 2: January 15
  • Round 3: March 15

Vineyard Staff Program Description

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.

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