Schedules & Details

Summer 2020 Virtual Programs

FOCUS is excited to host a Virtual Pre-College Program this summer July 1-3. For more details and to register, please click here.

Summer 2020 Programs Schedule

It is with disappointment that we announce the cancellation of our National Summer Programs for 2020. Based on our assessment of public health developments, CDC guidelines, and safety protocols, we will not be able to offer our traditional programs. For more information, please read our full update here.

All programs take place on Martha's Vineyard unless otherwise noted. All grades are based on the grade the student is currently in (2019-2020 school year).

Grade  Program  Prices  
CANCELLED (May 17-23)
UndergraduatesCollege Week
CANCELLED (June 7-14)9th - 12thJune Week (all areas) 
CANCELLED (June 14-22)
10th - 12th
Vineyard Service 
CANCELLED (June 14-23)
12th & up First-Time Leader A
CANCELLED (June 15-21)
10th - 12th
City Service, New York City 
CANCELLED (June 16-22)
6th - 8thMiddle School Adventure A
CANCELLED (June 23-July 3)12th & up 
First-Time Leader X
CANCELLED (June 25-July 2)
8th - 9th
CANCELLED (July 3-6)
Pre-College Weekend
CANCELLED (July 6-16) 
Rocky Mountain Expedition
CANCELLED (July 8-21)
10th - 12th
CANCELLED (July 22-29)
9th - 12th
July Week (all areas)$885
CANCELLED (July 25-August 1) 
9th - 12th
Mexico Service Trip 
$885 (plus flight costs, estimated at $500)
CANCELLED (July 31-August 7)
9th - 12th
August Week One (Washington DC & South)
CANCELLED (August 8-15)
9th - 12th
August Week Two (Baltimore & North) $885
CANCELLED (August 9-15) 6th - 7th 
Island Cruise
CANCELLED (August 17-23)6th - 8th
Middle School Adventure B


Program Details

Each program takes full advantage of all of the unique opportunities and adventures that the island of Martha's Vineyard has to offer. Relax on the beaches of Katama, enjoy the local towns, or explore the trails of Cedar Neck. Younger students spend a day sailing on a famous topsail schooner, and older students have opportunities to explore the cliffs of Aquinnah.

Located only minutes from Lambert's Cove beach, our 30-acre property fronts on Uncle Seth's Pond and offers tennis, basketball, and volleyball, as well as various lawn games. Our famously delicious meals are served family style on the covered porch of our Dining Hall, overlooking the freshwater pond. At the center of campus, the Lodge serves as a central gathering spot throughout the day for snacks, foosball tournaments, board games, or hanging out by the fireplace at night. Boys stay in the Upper and Lower bunkhouses, and girls stay in the "Palace," located on the opposite side of campus. Large group gatherings take place everyday in one of our property's oldest buildings, the Barn. Here, through straightforward talks, creative presentations, and open discussions, our programs offer age-appropriate conversations about God, Christianity, and other big issues.

For additional information and frequently asked questions, visit the What to Expect page.

Please note that all grades are based on the grade the student is currently in (2019-2020 school year).

Here is a breakdown of our current program offerings:

Vineyard Weeks

Upper School Programs

Our upper school programs offer students in grades 9-12 a fun week on the Vineyard. Students have the opportunity to enjoy the beaches on the island, explore the towns of the Vineyard, and relax with friends. Through straightforward talks and engaging discussions, students are invited to converse about the Christian faith and other big life issues. For June Weeks and August Weeks, a First Time Discount of $75 is available for students attending their first FOCUS Summer Program.

June & July Weeks 

  • Grades 9-12
  • $885
  • June Week: CANCELLED (June 7-14) (all areas)
  • July Week: CANCELLED (July 22-29) (all areas)

August Weeks 

  • Grades 9-12
  • $885
  • August Week One: CANCELLED (July 31-August 7) (For students from Washington DC and points south)
  • August Week Two: CANCELLED (August 8-15) (For students from Baltimore and points north)


For students who are preparing to enter high school or have just completed their freshman year of high school, Crossroads is the perfect program. Students at Crossroads enjoy group activities in the morning and are able to choose from an array of activities in the afternoon.

  • Grades 8-9
  • $985
  • CANCELLED (June 25-July 2)

Middle School Adventure (A&B)

This wonderful introduction to FOCUS offers an exciting activity each day, including a chartered sail, a bike ride across the island, and a beach trip.

  • Grades 6-8
  • $985
  • Middle School Adventure A: CANCELLED (June 16-22)
  • Middle School Adventure B: CANCELLED (August 17-23)

Island Cruise

Experience a ship under sail and unforgettable fun aboard the 108-foot topsail schooner Shenandoah as it sails around the island of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Sound. The many activities include participating in sailing the vessel, swimming off the boat, and trips ashore to remote beaches and coastal towns.

  • Grades 6-7
  • $985
  • CANCELLED (August 9-15)

Service & Specialty Programs 

*Admission to these programs is by application only. Please contact your area staff to discuss whether or not a specific program is a good fit for you.

In addition to our regular week-long programs, FOCUS offers several specialized programs for students interested in service. For more information about our service and cross-cultural programs and to apply, please click here.

City Service, New York City*

  • Grades 10-12
  • $885
  • CANCELLED (June 15-21)

A unique community service program, City Service includes hands-on work alongside residents at America’s oldest homeless shelter that allows for us to know those whom we serve. The program also gives students an insider's view of the city, as well as time for reflection and discussion on the meaning and purpose of service in a Christian context.

Vineyard Service*

  • Grades 10-12
  • $785
  • CANCELLED (June 14-22)

Join us as we serve behind the scenes during a middle school program, enjoy time together on the Vineyard, and have discussions about service, faith, and community.

Rocky Mountain Expedition*

  • Grades 9-12
  • $2,250
  • CANCELLED (July 6-16)

Come and experience the adventure and beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains! This 11-day program promises an array of outdoor activities, including fly fishing on the Swan River, whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River through Browns Canyon, rock climbing and rappelling the surrounding mountains of Buena Vista, and hiking and camping in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.


  • Grades 10-12
  • $1,725
  • CANCELLED (July 8-21)

This two-week program for returning students combines fun activities with community building experiences and emphasizes learning more about Christianity, serving others, and leadership.

Mexico Service*

  • Grades 9-12
  • $885 (plus flight costs, estimated at $500)
  • CANCELLED (July 25-August 1)

Join us as we travel to Mexico, partnering with local churches to work and serve families and communities in Nogales. Come and explore the country while serving others and learning about the meaning of Christian service across cultural boundaries.

College Programs 

For our older returning students, recent high school graduates, and college students, FOCUS offers a variety of programs that encourage faith and leadership development.  

College Week

  • Undergraduate students
  • $330
  • CANCELLED (May 17-23)
Give back by spending a week helping staff prepare our facility for the summer while having fun with other college students, and engaging in interesting talks and discussions about how to be a person of faith in the college context.   

Pre-College Weekend

  • Grade 12
  • $285
  • CANCELLED (July 3-6)
A weekend forum for rising college freshmen, designed to help them prepare for the opportunities, challenges, and transitions involved in entering the college setting. 

First-Time Leader (A & X)*

  • Grades 12+
  • $405
  • First-Time Leader A: CANCELLED (June 14-23)
  • First-Time Leader X: CANCELLED (June 23-July 3)
This is a hands-on leadership training experience that takes place during our Middle School Adventure A and Crossroads programs. Participants receive instruction in practical tasks as well as training in principles of leadership while serving and taking on specific responsibilities as part of the leadership team. Please contact your area staff for the First-Time Leader application.      

*Admission to these programs is by application only. Please contact your area staff to discuss whether or not a specific program is a good fit for you.